Sleep better, stress less, and discover all that’s possible when you say no to joe for a month

End your dependence + find
a new rhythm

There are a host of medical reasons that lead to the need to limit coffee:






But, many people are also just done with the cycle that leaves them feeling either tired or wired.

If you’ve ever thought about taking a break from coffee, now’s the time to give it a shot. All this month, we’ll help you to better understand your relationship with caffeine by offering…

  • Tips on how to quit without killing your productivity
  • Insights from neuroscientists on what’s happening on a chemical level
  • Discounts on healthy alternatives you can try

Not a breakup—just a break

Before we go any further, let’s make one thing clear: No one says you have to end things with coffee forever. We just believe that taking a break will provide some perspective and enable you to make informed decisions to improve your long-term health.

Think of Java-Free January as a time to investigate the questions almost every coffee-lover asks at some point, such as…

  • Is it possible to boost my mood and focus without the jitters and crash?
  • Are there ways to gain more control over caffeine so that it doesn’t compromise my sleep?
  • How does coffee affect my hunger and eating habits?
  • Are there alternatives that can help me create a better daily routine?

Take this month to explore these topics with experts, get intentional about how coffee is serving you, and learn how a few small adjustments can help you feel better for years to come.